A unique dining space where you can enjoy your dinner safely

Dear guests,

We would like to inform you that our business’s operation is fully adapted to the security measures against Covid-19. We strictly enforce the rules, as notified to us by the relevant ministries, taking care of your safety, while dining with us, at all levels of operation and service.

Our restaurant, with a history of 70 years, is a business that thoroughly follows the relevant procedures, regarding product management and the hygiene of the premises, the equipment, and the fabrics. In this context, we have included additional measures, as requested by the Greek state.

Our premises are disinfected several times (with appropriate disinfectants) during the day by the staff and during the week by a specialized cleaning company.


Face Masks

Our staff uses face masks and gloves, in all spaces and levels, from the kitchen to the service

Spaced Table Seats

The table seats are spaced as needed and disinfected after each use

Natural Ventilation

Our exterior dining spaces are mainly open (on a sea pier), while our interior enclosed spaces are adequately ventilated, with natural ventilation

Antiseptic Devices

Devices with an antiseptic solution have been installed in all areas

POS Machine

Transactions can be carried out seamlessly, with a POS machine

Online Menu

Also, in our restaurant, you can see the menu online and automatically, as soon as you connect your device to our Wi-Fi network
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At Kaiser Bridge Restaurant you can rest assured that you will enjoy your dinner in a strictly neat hygienic setting, which ensures a high level of service, as well as protection from Covid-19.

It is our long-term goal to offer you unique taste experiences and to always respond to any circumstances that may arise, with immediacy and strict professionalism.

Thank you for the trust you have shown us all these years; we look forward to seeing you for new tasty trips to the pier of our restaurant!