Dear guests, by using our online reservation system to reserve a table in our restaurant you agree with the following:

1. Through our system you are able to make a reservation from the present day, at least 24 hours prior to the desired time of arrival and up to a month ahead.

2. The reservations refer to the outside part of our dining area, located at the patio above the sea.

3. The table choice for the reservations is made by us, with sole criterion the allocation between the amount of persons and the tables most capable of hosting them. For instance, the 2-person reservations at the 2 seater tables, 4 persons at the 4 seater ones and so on. Moreover, it is possible for you to choose or change a table, provided that there is an available one and of an equivalent seats potential.

4. Online reservations are available for up to five people. In case you would like to reserve a table for more than six people please make a call at +30 26610 72032.

5. In case you would like to cancel a reservation, please inform us with an email or phone call, at least 2 hours prior to the time of the reservation. In case of delay on the arrival, we will hold the table for you for 15 more minutes from the time of the reservation.

We are looking forward to dine with us!