Experience dining onsea

Kaiser Bridge Restaurant

Dining Onsea,

on the pier patio of the Kaiser Bridge Restaurant
Discover our dishes, “traveling” under the moonlight and the sounds of soft melodies!

Our restaurant is not only seaside it is also onsea; the only one in Greece, as part of its “lounge”, spreads out on a wooden pier, which runs over the sea for several meters, allowing a unique dining experience!


“And this place, where Kings and Queens have lived…
becomes the starting point of our tasting journey.”

The seaside Kaiser Bridge restaurant is located in the homonymous settlement, 10 km away from Corfu town and 3 km away from the popular tourist resorts of Benitses and Pontikonissi, in a unique location of the island, where Empress Elizabeth (Sissy) had chosen to build her country manor house; the iconic Achilleion palace.

The Menu


Eggplant Pastrokio

Smoked eggplant / Tomato cream / Goat cheese / Basil / Egg / Smoked pancetta


Roasted zucchini / Fish roe mousse / Black garlic / Zucchini sofrito / Pumpkin seeds

Mackerel Savoro

Scorched mackerel / Raisins tapioca / Garlic / Almond cream / Pine nuts / Rosemary

Cod Pie

Potato pie / Spring onions / Cured cod / Saffron mayonnaise / Pickled fava beans / Tomato compote

Octopus and Patotoes

Roasted octopus / Honey / Garlic / Confit potatoes / Octopus crackers
Cool Breeze

Greek Salad

Corfiot tomatoes / Peppers / Onion / Cucumber / Olive mayonnaise / Peach / Carob rusks / Caramelized feta cheese


Spinach / Rocket / Οrange / Pink grapefruit /Roasted paprika chickpeas / Onion vinaigrette
First Port of Call

Manestra Colopimpiri

Pearl couscous / Roasted baby tomatoes / Celery / Paprika / Prawns / Corfiot salado (cold cut) / Smoked manouri cheese
Second Port of Call


Angler / Butter / Jerusalem artichokes (topinambur) / Lemon / Sunflower seeds / Bianco and topinambur sauce


Shi drum / Samphire stew / Pickled onion / Bourdeto sauce


Short ribs / Parsnip / Mushroom / Sofrito sauce

Pastitsada Dolce

Rooster / Chicken liver / Pasta maccheroni / Traditional spetseriko (spices mix) / Dough / Pastitsada sauce

Pork Belly

Slow-roasted pork belly / Grape syrup / Chard leaves / Leeks


Lamb / Lettuce / Carrots / Mustard seeds / Roasted cucumber sauce

Catch of the Day

Fish fillet / Egg yolk / Purple amaranth / Seaweed / Egg and lemon sauce
Sweet Memories

Rice Pudding

Rice / Almond milk / Greek coffee / Plums


Cold chocolate fondant / Mocha Ice Cream / Hazelnut


Traditionally aromatic baba / Kumquat / Bergamot syrup / Chamomile whipped cream

It's not about the destination,
it's all about the journey...